How To Root Android Without PC 2018 (3 Methods)

Rooting android is the most trending topic among Android users these day. Rooting android is a very easy task you can easily root android without pc and also you can root with PC.
The act of rooting is similar to yourself giving administrator privileges ( as in your windows OS). You gain access to root directory in system partition. In other words you gain total control on your device. You may be familiar with Windows OS on your PC, so with windows or Linux OS you have got guest user and an administrator. On your android device that you get out of the box the android OS comes only with guest user privileges and all the restrictions of it. To gain access to administrator privileges and access system folder on your android device you need to root and this act is called ROOTING.

root android without pc

Requirements For Root Android Without Pc 

*. First of all you need to download and install the required one click download root app on you device from below.. *.More than 50% battery charge is required!

. *.In case of hard brick so, that you data does on loss just backup important files like Contacts, Music, Photos, Video, Apps.
. *.Remove SD card when trying to root android without pc.
. There are many apps to root android without pc. Below are the best apps to root android device :

1. Framaroot:

Framaroot is the best app to root android device without pc. It is one click root app for android. Which works on almost all Android devices. You can easily root the android device with this app just you need to follow the steps below :

Step 1 : First of all download and install the Framaroot app to your android smartphone.

Step 2 : Now just move the downloaded apk to the phone’s internal memory.

 Step 3: Now in order to install third party apps on your android device just Go to Setting -》 Security -》tap on “unknown source”.

Step 4 : Now just install the downloaded Framaroot android app then open it.

Step 5 : Now Choose the “install superuser ” from the menu.

Step 6 : Next step is to Choose any of those given exploits.

NOTE: If one does not work try with other two also.

Step 7: Now just wait for some time. You will get the message that “Success, SU binary and superuser installed 

Step 8 : Reboot your phone and you will find SuperUser app installed on your device !!

2. KingoRoot App


: Root Android Without Pc
. Step 1 : First of all download the KingoRoot.apk from below Link. Download KingoRoot.
. Step 2 : SAME as in Step 3 on Method 1

. Step 3 : Now just install KingoRoot apk on your android device.

. Step 4 : Now open the Kingo ROOT app to root android without pc.
. Step 5 : Now just click “One Click Root ” to start the rooting process on android.
. Step 6: Just waiting for a few seconds to root your android device.
. Step 7: Congratulations you have successfully rooted the android phone without pc !! .

3.Universal Android Root App


  Another alternative to above apps to root the android phone without pc is the Universal Android Root . This is also a one click root app for Android. It works on most of the devices both old and new. Check out below steps to root your android with this app :

Step 1: First of all download the universal android root app from below link.
Step 2: SAME as in Step 3 on Method 1 
Step 3: Now just install Universal android root app apk on your android device.

Step 4: Now Open the app and you will see two option just select the root option and then choose the correct android version.
Step 5: Wait for sometime.Yoursr have Successfully done root android without computer


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