Automate Work & Tasks on iPhone with Workflow App

As an iPhone user, unlike users of various other smartphones, we are unlikely to complain about the usability of our smartphones because most features are intuitive and do not require a long learning period. Nevertheless, there are also tasks on the iPhone that we have to do every few days or even more often, and that just takes way too long. That's why today we'd like to recommend an app called Workflow that will allow you to automate your tasks.
Workflow for iphone


Open the App Store on your iPhone and download the app Workflow: Powerful Automation Made Simple. This app is free since it was purchased by Apple, and can be obtained from you for free.Workflow makes it easy for you to perform certain workflows on your iPhone by combining actions and automatically stringing them together at the touch of a finger.
You do not have to be able to program to do that. The app has its own Gallery area, where you will find numerous ready-made workflows. You may need to adjust them slightly and use them immediately. Alternatively, you can also create your own workflow, which works by dragging and dropping.

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Automate workflows & tasks with workflow:

Open on your iPhone workflow . The app is clearly arranged and consists essentially of two views: My Workflows and Gallery . Both views can be reached via the corresponding buttons at the top center.

Gallery: Find & enable workflows

Under Gallery you will find a large number of workflows that you can activate and use immediately.

Browse through the different categories ( Essentials , Quick Shortcuts , etc.) to find workflows that interest you.

Select a workflow by tapping on it, and a detail view will open. In this detailed view you can see a short description of the workflow and the actions it is composed of. You can change any workflow as you like. Press Get Workflow at the bottom right to activate the workflow.
Workflow for iphone

A few examples of workflows ...

Send by message how long you need to get home
Download file from the URL (youtube)
Calculate tips
Save any content as a PDF
Play music playlist
Call faster
Upload photos to Dropbox

My Workflows: Use & edit workflows:

Under My Workflows, you will find all the workflows you have activated.

Double tap on a workflow to immediately use and run it.
Workflow for iphone

Just tap on a workflow to edit it. Here you can make various adjustments. Via actions on the bottom left, you can also set exactly what actions are included in the workflow, add new ones, remove existing ones, etc.

Workflow for iphone

Enable workflow widget for faster access:

To make your workflows faster, you can enable the workflow widget. Open the Widgets view and go to Edit below. Activates Workflow and confirms with Done in the upper right corner.
Now you can use your widgets from anywhere (including the lock screen).

Workflow for iphone


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