How to Block Ads on An Android Phone Without Root

Do you want to block ads without rooting the android phone?Today I am discussing how to block ads on an android phone without root?.If you block all kinds of ads while browsing the internet on your Android phone, you will need to download and install Adblock app for Android.There are many apps in the Google Play store that offer to block ads on Android smartphones and tablets. You can skip banners and pop-ups in your browser, games, and apps. if you are so disturbed by advertisements, you must download this app.this app most powerful and free...
How to block ads on an android phone without rootAdClear v8.0.0.506909 [Non-Root Full-Version Ad Blocker]

AdClear v8

AdClear is a non-root ad blocker for Android devices. There's only one version of the app, and it's free. We released it at the end of December and are looking for feedback and help in making AdClear the best it can be.

Blocks encrypted ads
Works with Wi-Fi and cell data
Blocks ads in apps
Selective app filtering
Support for multiple browsers
Log of blocked ads
Saves bandwidth and battery
Increases loading speeds online
How Does It Work?
AdClear is non-root, but it works on rooted phones just the same. AdClear creates a VPN on your device to filter out ad traffic before it reaches you on the web or in apps. The SSL certificate gets in the way of encrypted ads and filters them in the same way. This means the ad blocker can run in the background while you browse in whatever browser or app you want to use

AdClear v8

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