How To Download YouTube Videos On iPhone?

It is not easy to download Youtube videos on iphone. That's why most browser plugins that offer such a feature are now blocked by YouTube. Even in the App Store is officially no app, with which you can upload YouTube videos on the iPhone - it works through a detour anyway!

This youtube videos downloading method is officially tested by me. so, i personally recommended to you this is the best app to download Youtube videos on your iphone. and, here is the full tutorial about how to download your favorite YouTube videos on your iphone.

Documents 6

Download YouTube Videos On iPhone

You need the free app Documents 6  by Readdle for this trick . Search for it on the App Store and download it to your iPhone.

Download Documents 6 App

Copy YouTube link to clipboard :

The first step is to copy the link to a YouTube video to your clipboard. If you use the official YouTube app just type on the parts arrow (as shown in the screenshot) and then on link . In Safari, the URL can be copied out of the address field as normal.

Download YouTube Videos On iPhoneDownload YouTube Videos On iPhone

Download YouTube video :

Next, open Documents 6  on your iPhone. Right-click on the browser icon (small compass) to open the built-in browser in the app.

Give up the address field following URL:  tap on the keyboard to open .

Download YouTube Videos On iPhoneDownload YouTube Videos On iPhone

Next, copy the YouTube link from the clipboard to the input box on the page. Typed to the input field to activate the keypad. Tap again on the input field to display the Insert option and select it to insert the URL.

Download YouTube Videos On iPhone

Tap on Download and selects optionally before, in which quality you would like to load the video. In the next window you have the possibility to change the file name. Touch Done to start the download.

Download YouTube Videos On iPhoneDownload YouTube Videos On iPhone

Depending on the size of the video, and depending on your internet connection, it may take some time for the video to load. To monitor the progress, tap the Download icon at the bottom right.

Move YouTube video to Photos app :

After the download is complete, return to the app's main window and tap the Downloads folder . There should - if you have not changed the path before - the loaded YouTube video to be found. Tapping the top right of the Edit and marks the video by tapping her there. Select Move below .

In the following view, navigate to the Documents directory by  tapping Documents at the top . Then go to All  Photos . After that, click on "Move All Photos" below to make the YouTube video disappear from the downloads folder and move to the Photos app.

Download YouTube Videos On iPhoneDownload YouTube Videos On iPhone

Open the Photos app and go to the Albums view , there in All Photos . At the very end you will find the just uploaded YouTube video that you can now view and share as normal.

Download YouTube Videos On iPhone

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