Download The Official Android P Wallpapers

The first preview for developers of Android p, the next version of Google's operating system, was released on Wednesday (7). You can check here all the news that came with the update, but do not expect many visual changes, since this first release is really focused on who creates applications and services for the platform.

Download Android P Wallpapers

But if you are not a developer or do not have a google pixel smartphone to install the preview, you can at least get a taste of android p on your current mobile phone by downloading the wallpapers that came with this version.

Download The Official Android P Wallpapers :

Download Android P Wallpapers

There are 18 designs in the resolution of 2880x2880, most with a very colorful look or with many black details that should fall well on AMOLED screens, with the Galaxy S9 or Pixel 2 itself. Click here and then the "Download File" to download the file with all images. They have a total size of 42 MB.

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