How to Disable UEFI Safe Boot Option In Your Computer's BIOS

Formatting desktops  or notebooks  is one of the most common procedures that intermediate and advanced computer users perform. And new machines with the Intel 64bit (X64) chipset have the latest Unified Extensible Firmware Interface ( UEFI) security and optimization service . It means that in addition to speeding up boot, the software protects the OS and prevents a new system from being installed over the original factory - creating other partitions is also banned.

Disabling the UEFI function, however, is possible. If you have purchased a computer and want to create specific sectors in the hard drive or simply want to format Windows , simply access the BIOS and run a few commands. Learn to activate the Legacy option and also define how the new system will be installed

uefi windows 10

Access the BIOS :

Attention : This tutorial is not intended for users with little experience in operating system management. In order for the UEFI function to be disabled, access to the BIOS must be done beforehand.

disable uefi secure boot windows 10

In our case, we pressed the F12 key to access the BIOS.

Start your computer, and on the first screen, press the key that gives access to the BIOS. The button varies depending on the model of the PC or notebook - in our case, the "F12" has been tightened. The "system root" activation mode appears generally to the right of the bottom or top corners of the screen.

Boot Options :

The BIOS layout may also vary, but Boot options can be easily found. In the "BOOT" tab, the "Secure Boot Mode" function should be disabled. Navigate through the BIOS interface via the directional arrows, press "Enter" in "Secure Boot Mode" and "Disable".

disable uefi secure boot windows 10
 Before, disable the BIOS security options.

Activate Legacy :

Once the security option is disabled, the available startup forms can be adjusted. Go to the feature that lists the ways your computer can be started - in our case it was necessary to access the "Boot List Option" field. Select the "Legacy" option and press "Enter."
disable uefi secure boot windows 10
select the legecy

Now, just save the changes made through F10 (or another key) and restart your computer normally. The boot sequence can also be changed when reinstalling the OS is required. For these cases, Windows installation via DVD, USB or Lan (network) can be calibrated.

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