How To Download Instagram Videos To Your Mobile Or The Web

Since Instagram has become an enhanced version of Snapchat, application success only grows. Every day people from all over the world publish photos and videos on the platform - this last format, too, has long surpassed services like Vine, which had a similar proposal. Now read to know how download instagram videos easily...

Download Instagram Videos iphone

Until a few months ago, Instagram limited your videos in 15 seconds at the most. Today, it is possible to record up to 1 minute of images, which makes the service much more attractive.

As the volume of videos grew within the app, more and more people are looking for methods to save their captures or even the videos they find interesting; after all, Insta has become a popular medium for both people and business.

But, so, do you know how to save your Instagram videos? If not, rest assured, that we teach you! Check below some of the methods:

1 - Using The App Insta Download - Video & Photo

Download Instagram Videos android

There's no place better than your cell phone to store Instagram videos, right? Well, it is precisely with this proposal that we will list here the Insta Download - Video & Photo, an application easy to use and that fulfills what it promises.

Just go to Instagram, press the three dots in the top corner of the video to be downloaded, copy the share URL and paste it into the app. As soon as you press the "Paste" button, it will continue downloading the video but giving you the chance to change the file name and location.

Although it is a great choice for those who have Android smartphones, this app is not available for iOS. Most of the services in this genre are being blocked by Apple, but the Rapid Save application available on the App Store is a pretty similar alternative - and even better - for users of iPhones and iPads.

2 - Using A Web Service

Another very practical way is to use some web service. The principle here is the same as downloading a material from YouTube, for example - just copy the URL of the video you want, go to the Instagram Video Downloader page, paste the URL in question and you're done! Your video can be downloaded by clicking the "Download" button.
Download Instagram Videos web

It is worth remembering that, like the Instagram Video Downloader, there are a number of other services that work equally well - although some offer additional features such as Savedeo. In this tool, you only need to add "qq" before "Instagram" in the URL. From there, you press the "Enter" key, and you're done: go to the video download page.

Download Instagram Videos online

The site Instawload also works the same way as Instagram Video Downloader, but has a more straightforward look, which makes it easy to download multiple videos in sequence. Another feature in the cool of it is the possibility of downloading photos instead of just videos - this, in turn, the other services mentioned above are not able to do..

Download Instagram images online

Finally, it is worth mentioning that we have listed several web services because, as we have explained, each one has its own differentials. Also, one of them may be unavailable just when you need it most - so we recommend that you save all options shown here.

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