Google Files Go is updated, has search system and is smarter

Files Go is Google's official file manager officially released last December and has filled a gap left long ago by the giant. Slowly, the service is becoming bigger and smarter, as it is now when an update brings three new features to it.

Search for files to find files even faster.
Remove photos that are already backed up.
See duplicates' locations when deleting duplicate files.
Get smarter notifications with higher relevancy. 
files go file manager

Files Go
The first one is a search engine. The idea of  Google is to make it easier for the user to find a specific item and, well, if he has a specialist company to find things, he is Google. With this, Files Go searches provide instant results, history, filters, and auto-complete. And all this works offline, too.
files go file manager
 The second new feature indicates the location of duplicate files. With this new function, it is no longer necessary to indicate a destination for the program to search for duplicates: Files Go does this alone and proactively, leaving the user to remove the leftovers or not.
 The latest new feature today is the cleaning of photos and videos that are already in a backup. Novelty also helps save space on your device by detecting files that have already been saved in Google Photos and thus asking the device owner if they want to remove them from local storage.

What's new is in the latest version of Files Go, now available for download.

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