How to Include Animated GIFs in Instagram Stories

Do you like to post photos and videos on Instagram's stories ? Then surely you will enjoy this news too. Whoever posts there in the short video clips of the network can now include GIFs to make activities even more lively. The files can be selected from the Giphy site catalog. If you use Facebook , which owns Instagram, you should know that there GIFs have been available for some time in the comments.
add GIF in Instagram Stories
The feature can be used for both photos and videos. There are thousands of options for you to use as a sticker or sticker - as they are also called the add-ins that you can fix in the Instagram stories. The images are quite varied and range from words with flashy lyrics to iconic characters and dance, many little dancinhas. You can also choose from a few  emojis that appear on the Giphy list  - just use your creativity to make your posts even more interesting and creative.

add GIFs in Instagram Stories

How to use GIFs in Instagram stories :

If you have updated Instagram to the latest version, you will find the GIFs section available when you normally post your photo or video on the stories. You can browse the library by swiping your finger on the screen, but you can also search the catalog. Just type in the search field something related to what you want to express in your photo or your video in the stories, and many options will be available.

instagram tricksinstagram tricks

And that was not the only news announced by Instagram . According to the social network, soon it will be possible to post photos and videos of any size in the stories. The company must have heard the feedback of many users who are bothered to have to cut the photo because the image needs to adapt to the format of the stories. When the feature is available, simply select the share option with the original size and dimension.

Who could not wait to be able to post their images in landscape format, for example, can already celebrate. The part that "remains" of the image so that it can fit in the rectangular format of the screens will be filled with a gradient background or some custom color. This will depend on the file you share, according to Instagram itself.

GIFs stickers are already running on Android and iOS devices  and are part of Instagram version 29, so make sure you update the app on your device to get access to the new feature. There is no set release date yet for posting files with their original dimensions. Anyway, Instagram says that this feature will be available to users in the coming weeks.

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