Instagram Starts Testing Retweet Tool in Stories

After exhausting the Snapchat idea well, Instagram has now decided to copy another social platform, Twitter . According to TechCrunch information, Instagram has begun testing a feature in Stories that will allow people to retweet posts from other users. In addition to simply passing on certain content to your follower base, you can also comment, draw, add GIFs, or anything else in the original post before "recompiling" it.

Instagram retweet

It is interesting to note, however, that these "quotations" will only work from the feed for Stories. That way, you will not be able to retweet posts from someone's permanent feed into your own feed, or a Stories from someone in your own Stories. All you can do is pick up an original post from an alien feed and retweet in your Stories.

instagram Retweet

Original posts will be clickable, allowing users to check the content of those who posted first

At least that's the rule for now. But since this is a test feature being run with a very limited amount of users, we can imagine that Instagram is trying to get feedback and thereby improve or modify the feature. If people want to replicate content from other users more freely, this may be possible in the future.

Instagram retweet

We do not know when this novelty can be distributed to more users or if this possibility does not even exist

 Instagram confirmed the test but did not give details on how many people are with the new feature in their accounts. I just said there were few people. We also do not know when this novelty can be distributed to more users or if such a possibility does not even exist.

In any case, Instagram said that users could block "retweetagem" from their original posts to prevent others from replicating their content offensively or something like that.

But tell us what you think of this news? Will Instagram users adopt the new tool or will they continue to use third-party apps that do something similar? Say what you think in the comments section.

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