6 Best Features of Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Galaxy Note 9 - would this be the true top-of-the-line phone that marks the revolution at Samsung's house?

 The South Korean team still does not play much in the name of the new member of the Note family, and although it appears very timidly in this year's rumors, we know that it is coming to write a new chapter in this generation.
The Galaxy Note series covers Samsung's top-level mobile phones, where advanced features justify the elite price.

And with the promise to follow with all that was agreed in the current Note 8 , Samsung claims that the successor of the 2017 cell phone will defend the company as its true watershed, since the Galaxy S9 family did not bring the changes expected to follow with the legacy of the eighth generation Galaxy S on the market.

Packed with unprecedented improvements and features in the mobile segment, Galaxy Note 9 is still a name that stirs up curiosity, controversy, and mystery under the constant and quiet silence of Samsung.

Features of Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Anyway, it really should overshadow the brothers of the Galaxy S9 ( S9 Plus ) series this year, taking into account these six features that have lingered on some rumors of the Android community.
That's it, what do you expect from Galaxy Note 9? The new monster of the South Korean team.

1 - Full Face Unlocking, That Really is Safe
The Galaxy S9 family saw the light of day with a new way to unlock the cell phone.
Features of Samsung Galaxy Note 9

The technology goes by the name of Intelligent Scan - something like smart reading or scanning in our language - that works by combining facial unlocking and user iris registration, both are available on the Galaxy S8.
The crucial problem here is that facial unlocking is not safe enough for mobile payments (although the iris reading is).However, integrating an insecure element is already a serious loophole enough to override the system that was not born for this.
This scenario should change when Galaxy Note 9 arrives. Samsung must harness the power of the Snapdragon 845 for a more comprehensive, functional and accurate technology that can map a person's facial features with up to 50,000 points of infrared light.For comparison purposes (without any direct references), the iPhone X uses 30,000 points, and does not need much explanation to know that more points automatically represent more security, right?
2 - Biometric Reader For Digital Recording Under The Screen
Rumors walking on rumors have pointed out that the Galaxy S9 would bring a biometric fingerprint reader built into the Infinite Display - well, that did not happen.
Features of Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Now the weight of this responsibility begins to fall on the Galaxy Note 9. Vivo has already gone ahead with this technology powered generation X20, but Samsung also wants to feel the taste of that same path.
The technology, in fact, works and dispenses the use of the digital reader in the back or front in the design of the cell phone. Galaxy Note 9 is expected to be the brand's first device with this native feature.
3 - Bixby Even Smarter
Maybe a customizable button from the Bixby wizard never happens, but we can still dream.
Samsung Galaxy Note 9

 It is said that Samsung will officialize the second generation of Bixby along with Galaxy Note 9, presenting a more fluid and objective technology working with Android Oreo.
And what about a physical button that fits your style of use day in and day out? If Samsung attributed the owners of Galaxy Note 9 the power of choice over what the Bixby button can do or not, such a feature would be a very valid strategy resulting in a more flexible and free concept for everyone.
You can choose the command of your assistant, not being restricted to the models pre-defined by Samsung in Experience.
4 - Create Your Own AR Emojis In A Less Scary Format
Look at them there again! Samsung's infamous emojis that still generate more controversy than promotion.
Presented to the world when the Galaxy S9 passed through the MWC, emoji based on augmented reality somehow create rather strange avatars that represent the owner of the device itself.
This system basically works like Apple's Animojis with the iPhone X, but while the Cupertino team uses some cute animals there, Samsung decided that their system would create people, or in this case, the S9 carrier.
On the negative side, Emoji AR does not keep up with your facial expressions, and they look like a synthetic trying to imitate you instead of following the promise of this function, which would simply represent you.
With Galaxy Note 9 this feature must also evolve, offering more realistic emoji thanks to the algorithms of face mapping and rendering.
5 - Variable Front Camera Aperture
And of course, we can not forget the popularity of selfies and the breakthroughs in the division of mobile cameras.
Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Members of the Galaxy S9 generation have hit the market with variable-aperture cameras, meaning the aperture of the sensors varies between two configurations to allow for more or less light.
More light is almost a must to improve the quality of photos, and Samsung's photography division understands that a physical aperture in the sensor is the best solution for recording digital images.
The Galaxy Note 9, in turn, must have the same system, of course, but in addition to bringing the variable aperture in the main sensors in the back, it will also bring this technology into the front camera, giving the Samsung cell phone an immediate advantage in this segment, especially beating the iPhone family.
6 - A Second Camera to Help (quite) The Front Sensor
Samsung optimized Galaxy S9 software with one important premise: photos.
Features of Samsung Galaxy Note 9

The company has launched a new system for bokeh, the effect of emphasizing the main subject of the photo and blurring what is around.
The algorithm is still not perfect, and sometimes erases some elements of the main subject of photography, such as hair and parts of clothing.
By implementing dual camera setup on a mobile phone, the depth of field effect becomes even more natural, homogenous and subtle. So, Samsung will not be content to launch the Galaxy Note 9 with two cameras only in the back, but also taking the front of the phone.
This should ensure good photos under any circumstances, be it a more complete photo or a selfie to record your special moment.

Recalling that these six features do not have any links with Samsung. These are just a few of the promises that now revolve around the hype about Galaxy Note 9 by the end of the year.
Maybe they're not correct?

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