6 New Features of Whatsapp - 2018

WhatsApp has been testing a lot of changes over the past few months and finally starts releasing some of them simultaneously, first and foremost for Android and ios users. As usual, the package arrives first  and gradually they also come to india, so just keep the app up for grabs. Let's get to the news:
whatsapp new features

  • Group Description
  • The fast exchange between voice and video calls
  • Search Groups
  • Easy to record audio
  • Stickers for iPhone
  • GIF Search
Group Description

whatsapp new features

 Everyone knows how boring you can be placed or invited into a group that has no idea what it's all about. To avoid this inconvenience, the platform now allows the description of it, so that everyone can have a preview of the content. Any member can edit this text and anyone who receives the links to participate can also check it beforehand.

The fast exchange between voice and video calls

whatspp new features

Ever been in a Whats voice conversation and suddenly wanted to switch to the video? Then, it will no longer be necessary to deactivate the call and then reconnect it to the camera again. Those who have iPhone can do this since last month and now Android users will also rely on the feature.

To use this feature, just press the icon in the center of the screen and confirm that the platform will inform the contact about requesting an audio-visual conversation.

Search Groups

whatsapp new features

Another small but significant change is the ability to quickly search for participants in a group. To do this just open the data and find the magnifying glass, next to the list of members. Then just type in to access more easily that person lost in the crowd.

Easy to record audio

whatsapp new features

This is perhaps the most requested by users, who complain a lot about having to keep pressing the display while recording the content. With the padlock, you'll be able to lock the microphone in the record position as you speak.

Stickers for iPhone

whatsapp stickers iphone free

Stickers for iphone,The iPhone people can now also rely on location and time stickers.

GIF Search

whatsapp status malayalam

You can not only share GIFs on WhatsApp, you can directly find them as well. The app recently started rolling out GIF search support to android and iphone.

After update, users can search for different types of GIFs right within the app itself. The same feature was rolled out to iOS users back in November 2016.

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