5 Latest and Great Features of Windows 10 - April 2018

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A Microsoft is making the last preparations for the launch of the new major update of Windows 10 . Next Monday, April 30, the company will release the "Windows 10 April 2018 Update" and it will be packed with interesting news. But which are the most likely to impact your work pace?

The list below gives you five great features that Microsoft will deliver for free to Windows 10 users in the coming days.

5. Dictate text

This new feature will use Microsoft voice recognition technology to allow you to dictate texts, notes, reminders or even searches in your browser. After installing the new update on your PC, you just need to place the cursor inside Word - or any other system text box, other programs or even the browser - and press "Windows + H".
  Then a microphone will appear, indicating that you can start dictating your text. As you speak, the feature begins translating all of that into text, within the field in which you placed the cursor earlier.

4. Focus Assist

This tool is basically a Do Not Disturb mode that you have probably seen on your smartphone. Novell allows you to mute all notifications from any application. However, you can customize this Focus Assist mode to pass important messages from specific people.

3. Windows Timeline
Windows Timeline is a long-awaited feature by the most existing users of the Microsoft platform. With this news, Windows will remember everything you've done on your PC or smartphone ( Android or iOS - inside the Edge ) and set up a timeline of the last 30 days. So you can press Windows + Tab and see all the windows that you have open at the moment, as well as the ones that you opened and closed yesterday or in the last weeks. It's a great way to get back to work on presentations, documents, or even find web searches you started some time ago.

 2. Silent Updates

But one of the best news is undoubtedly the new Windows 10 update system. From now on, the system will not only download updates in the background but will also install everything without interrupting the user. After that, you only need to restart your computer to apply the modifications, without having to wait an eternity for Windows to be available again. According to Microsoft, updates will only interrupt the user when absolutely necessary.

1. Nearby Sharing

Although Windows updates in the same way that Google delivers on  Chrome OS is a tempting offer, what I like most about this new version of Microsoft OS is "Nearby Sharing." This feature should work essentially as an Apple AirDrop , but more complete and more comprehensive. It will be possible to send files, contacts, links and various other types of content from one device to another, be it PCs, tablets or smartphones in a very simplified way.

The technology will work through Bluetooth and WiFi, and the content receivers will have to accept receive whatever element is being sent.


Other than these five new features, there are also countless security improvements in Windows, as well as news on Cortana and the Edge browser. So keep an eye on the next Monday (30) on your Windows Update. To upgrade your PC, simply click the Start menu and then tap the gear icon to go to the system settings. In this screen, the last option will be "Update and Security". After clicking it, tap "Check for updates".

If Microsoft has already released the news for you, it will start downloading immediately. It's also important that you already have all the other updates installed. Otherwise, they should appear first and delay the arrival of this other one that is full of real news.

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