Best Apps of the Week for Mobile: 04/04/2018

best android games of the week

And then, Hashsecure fans! Enjoying the holiday? Well, we've come to improve your rest with fresh new tips from apps of the week ios and android. Then you can open our official app and check out the list of apps and games suggestions for this week.

Ah yes! The highlight of the week is Shadowgun Legends, another game for anyone who is a fan of first-person shooters. Just stay with us until the end to know more:

1. Fitness Weight Loss
Fitness Weight Loss app

Platforms: Android / iOS

We started the tips today with Weight Loss Fitness, an app with a pretty self-explanatory name. The idea is that with it, you can create a complete exercise schedule based on your skill level, with videos and narration in English. To give that help, it still has statistics and a playlist with hundreds of songs to keep you in the mood.

2.Nacho Notch — Notch Hider
huawei p20 lite notch hider

Platforms: Android

The launcher icon does nothing useful! Don't open it if you read this! This app works through the use of a custom Quick Tile. Add the tile by opening the notification shade all the way, tapping the pencil or "EDIT," and dragging "Hide Notch" to the active area.Natch notch app also support huawei p20 lite 

3. Mondly
mondly subscription

Platforms: Android / iOS

Mondly is a powerful tool to help anyone who wants to learn or improve their skills in up to 34 different languages. In each of your lessons, the app teaches you how to speak new words and how to apply them in common everyday phrases and scenarios. This can be done either in daily lessons or in tutorials that teach the basics or competitive challenges, in which you and your friends can compare whoever answered the most questions.

4. Blitter
blitter social media

Platforms: Android

We closed our list of today's utilities with Blitter, an app made to simplify the time to know who pays what in the bar or restaurant account. Just take a picture of the account so that the app recognizes each item and its price; then just set who picked up each item and add items like the tip. And so, the dreaded division of the account is settled.

5. Car vs Cops
car vs cops ketchapp

Platforms: Android / iOS

Get ready for another absurdly challenging Ketchapp game with Car vs. Cops. The idea here is simple: Drive a car for as long as you can while trying to escape a legion of police cars. For this, you will have to do risky maneuvers to get cars to hit each other. But it's good to be careful because letting them long on your glue is game over.

6. Nexomon
nexomon database

Platforms: Android / iOS

 nexomon evolution puts you in control of a young tamer of magical creatures who name the game. In it, the player must capture as many monsters as he can as he travels through a vast world and defeats an evil villain organization in battles with the help of his nexomons. Did you find the idea familiar? Well, any fan of Pokémon or Digimon is sure to feel at home in this game.

7. My Tamagotchi Forever
My Tamagotchi Forever apk

Platforms: Android / iOS

The classic virtual pet is back better than ever. In My Tamagotchi Forever, you have the chance to collect several little monsters that evolve according to your care, like caring, food, bath and rest. But the true novelty of the game is in its support of augmented reality and the addition of a whole little town where you can take your Tamagotchi to walk and play.

8. Evil Cogs
Evil Cogs

Platforms: Android / iOS

Ready for a platform game full of puzzles, traps, obstacles and a monochrome jaw-dropping look? For this is what Evil Cogs promises to you. In the game, you control a friendly flying creature that has to traverse a dark world full of dangers. So you will need good reflexes and accuracy to use your character's flying ability correctly and go through it all.

9. Chronoblade
Chronoblade ios

Platforms: Android / iOS

Gather many stylish characters with flamboyant powers in medieval beat'em up and we have Chronoblade. Offering four heroes with distinct fighting styles, you need to face hordes of enemies on your journey to defeat Chronarch, the great villain who wants to destroy the world. The novelty of the game for the genre is the addition of equipment systems and even a multiplayer move PvP ranked, which promise to prolong the game. download chronoblade for ios

Featured of the week: Shadowgun Legends
shadowgun legends download

Platforms: Android / iOS

We ended the list today with a golden key - after all, it's not all day that a mobile series as adored as Shadowgun wins a sequel. Mixing FPS and RPG, Shadowgun Legends puts you back into a futuristic world for single player, multiplayer and coop combat. The highlight, as always, is for the stunning look that leaves no duty to any PCs or consoles.shadowgun legends download here
Today's list has come to an end, but we hope you enjoyed the whole journey here. While waiting for our new edition to arrive fresh next update, why not take the time to give us your tips on what you liked in our comments? Do not forget, to follow with social media

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