Check Out New Spotify Interface

Rumors about changes in the interface, a new free version and the arrival of a gadget of  Spotify have been circulating the web since a few weeks ago. And it seems the improvements have already leaked. At least that's what shows the flagrant of The Verge.

The biggest highlight is the more power for free accounts, especially regarding the possibility of playing playlists on demand, as you can see below. Previously, the free version lists could only be run in Shuffle mode, which here appears as an alternative, in the form of a blue icon.

Another addition is the way the individual tracks were displayed while they were being played. Previously, only a few renowned artists exhibited full-screen art. Now, this must have become standard for the vast majority of artists. In fact, almost everything has been redesigned. The search page has thematic colored boxes (with options like "Exercise" or "State of Spirit") and the previous ones offer more infos about the songs.

In terms of accessibility, the "Browse" button no longer exists and the search for content is now focused on "Search". The "Radio" icon disappeared and the function could not be found in the menus. For now, a supposed new voice control feature is also missing.
All this would come to make the free mobile experience closer to the model for subscribers. It is still unclear what the company would do to make the paid model more attractive, since it would be practically opening up to more users what only the Premium has.

According to experts, this would be a way for Spotify to please shareholders, since, since the beginning of this month, the company has become public. There is no official confirmation of these changes and everything should be effective in the event scheduled for next week, on the 24th.

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