Google Phone App now Automatically Rejects Spam Calls

The official Google phone app now automatically rejects calls from suspected spam numbers. Until then, the tool lets the phone ring, but it showed the screen in red with the indication that the number could be from a known spammer.

spam call blocker
This new feature allows users not to be bothered by automated calls as well as call centers that try to sell products insistently. If you have an active voice mailbox, calls go directly there.

 Also, rejected calls do not appear as notifications in the Android status bar, eliminating any kind of the nuisance. Even with this, you can check the history of filtered calls in the phone app, all marked as spam. If a spam link goes through the filter, you can report the number to Google, thus preventing you and others from being disturbed.
spam call blocker

It is curious to note also the Google phone app is already installed by default on devices of the lines Pixel, Android One, and Nexus. Even so, the new feature is only available in the Beta version, which you can get through the Play Store itself. Smartphones from other brands can also use the Google app, or even Truecaller, which has a similar filtering feature.

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