4 Applications To Automatically Root On Your Android Phone

root my android phone

Obtaining superuser certification on Android devices  has become common practice, and performing the root operation, a process that generates administrator permissions, does not require more advanced knowledge from those who decide to waive the warranty on a device. The increase in the number of programs dedicated to this operation is also due to the increase in the demand for services that request SU authorization ( learn more ).

But the concept of "root" still frightens: Linux- based , the superuser licensing process enables independently-developed applications posted outside of Google Play to  be installed on smartphones with the "Search Giant ".

The price users pay for the Android release can be high (in addition to losing the warranty, those who root can compromise the software on the device). Fact is that doing rotate, for example, different thematic interfaces that require access to the root is a tempting invitation. Want to venture into the "world without limits" that root devices unveil? Then follow our list of applications that, through a few commands, are able to unlock your mobile.

Warning : when performing the root process, the warranty offered by the manufacturer of your phone is lost. The SU certificate generation program can still damage your software.

Unknown sources
The installation of the applications responsible for performing the root operation will be done through a computer or through APKs. This means that you must allow the installation of downloaded apps from unknown sources on your mobile device. Go to the "Settings" and then go to "Lock screen and security". Find "Unknown sources" and enable the function.

To do root
We will list below four applications capable of performing the operation. Some of them require the execution of a few commands, others have to be operated via PC with a cell phone.


KingRoot is one of the most popular cloud-based applications dedicated to today's root operation. In order for SU certification to be acquired, the user only has to install the app and tap the center button of the screen. Although it is in Chinese, the program does not present any difficulty of operation.

download kingroot
Once the model of your smartphone is identified, the process is then started. If successful, a green "V" signal is displayed, as in the picture above. KingRoot completes more than 60% of the time root operation on Android devices, which makes the application one of the sharpest tools available.

The app can be downloaded via XDA (the direct link is available  here ).

Kingo Android Root
Kingo Android Root is another program capable of performing root automatically. This application also has a computer version. If you choose to use the PC, connect the device via USB and make sure to enable the "USB Debugging" mode - if this option is not displayed, go to "On the phone" and repeatedly touch "System version ".

download kingo android root
Then the root check will be started. Once the required drivers are downloaded, all you have to do is press "ROOT". Click "Finish" after the action is completed and you're done. On your phone, the APK will work as KingRoot: just touch the central button of the app for root to be done.

Click here to download Kingo Android Root for PC.
APK download link (mobile version).

One Click Root is a paid application not only capable of providing superuser certification. The service supports the devices and provides instructions on how to install ROMs and MODs, for example, through a 24-hour online help desk available for every day of the week.
download one click root
In its free version, the tool only checks the possibility of becoming root. Just install the app, activate the process and if the warning "Congratulation! Your Device Can Be Rooted "appears, touching" Root Device ". Then a registration with the service must be done so that the operation is properly completed.

Access the online service here .

Compatible with more than 8,000 Android device models, iROOT works similarly to Kingo Android Root. Connect your phone to your computer and, with "USB Debugging" enabled, wait for your system to check. Is it possible to perform the operation on your device? Then click on "Root", wait for a few minutes and finish the process. Chinese applications that require superuser access are also suggested by the program.
download iroot
Applications are also suggested while running iROOT.

downlaod iroot free

Download the program on your computer on this page .
Note : a Samsung Galaxy S5  was used during our test. The program, despite having indicated the possibility of doing the root, failed during the operation. If this error appears on your screen, click on "Retry" to retry the attempt.

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