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facebook new logo

WhatsApp Beta version 2.19.331 for Android came with some bug fixes and news, including the new Facebook logo , launched a few days ago, marking the integration of the messenger with the social network portfolio.

Users who are part of the app's testing program will notice the “from FACEBOOK” mark at the bottom of the launch screen whenever they open the app, according to WABetaInfo . The uppercase logo will also be seen on the settings and activation pages.

And it's not just the popular messaging program that will get the new design. Other products and services that belong to Mark Zuckerberg's company , such as Instagram  and Messenger , will also display it, reinforcing that they are all owned by Facebook. The WhatsApp Business Beta for iPhone already included in its latest version.

whatsapp dark mod android
New logo and dark mode appear in beta version of messenger. 

The conglomerate's new visual identity is marked by custom typography, with rounded corners, larger space between letters and uppercase characters. The colors may change depending on the product in which it appears and there is even the possibility of showing an animation in the letters.

Dark mode

The long-awaited dark theme in WhatsApp has not yet officially come in this messenger beta update, but it is possible to activate the feature from a more complex procedure, according to WABetaInfo .

Screenshots taken by the publication (see image above) show the dark mode enabled, but the page gave no further details as to how it was triggered.

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