WhatsApp Desktop Gets Dark Mode Via Mod: See How To Download

whatsapp dark mode windows 10/8/7 or macWhatsApp is studying the implementation of a dark mode for its mobile apps, but the messenger desktop version has already gained an unofficial Dark Mode. A free modification by the XDA forum developer known as  m4heshd  can change the look of the Whatsapp Windows or Mac application.
According to the latest Report, Whatsapp Dark Mode will soon be running on Android and iOS in addition to Windows and Mac.

According to the developer, the dark mode for desktop WhatsApp only changes one script of the application's user interface. That is, who is interested in the news need not worry about privacy, because the theme is far from the user's messages.

To use dark mode on WhatsApp on Windows or Mac, you need to download the version of the program available from the official messenger website. According to the programmer behind the theme, the tool does not work in the Windows Store or web edition of the application.

Next, you have to go to this page on Github and download the stable dark mode version for WhatsApp, which will be downloaded in a Zip archive. To install, just open the messenger on the desktop, unzip the mod and click on the application icon with blue color. The interface change process takes a few minutes to complete.

whatsapp dark mode windows 10/8/7 or mac

How to download dark mode on desktop Whatsapp

The process of enabling dark mode in WhatsApp can also be done by following the walk through below:

- Download WhatsApp for Windows or Mac from the official website ;
- Download the mod with dark mode on Github;
Unzip the file and click on the blue icon installer named "WADark.exe" with WhatsApp for PC open;

The developer of the modification recommends that the user not delete the folder with the script, as the installation process includes creating a backup that makes it easy to return to the normal version of the application.

Unfortunately, the mod does not have a button to turn dark mode on and off at any time. That is, to get the program back to normal, the user needs to take the file "app.asar" in the backup folder and paste it in the "resources" folder in the directory where WhatsApp for Desktop is installed.

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