Why Your Gamesir x1 Battledock Pubg Mobile Banned? (Fix)

PUBG is strictly speaking of hackers / fraudsters, fraudsters and bad guys. and there are too many pubg banned guys in india, nepal and other countries. If you are thinking about banning your PUBG account for no reason, check out why your Gamesir x1 Battledock Pubg mobile banned? Check out the possible reasons here and how to reactivate it.

Many people complain that their public account is banned for no reason. There are many reasons why your PUBG account can be banned. Here is a list of the reasons that led to an account ban, and why you should avoid these reasons to keep your account safe.

Gamesir x1 Battledock Pubg mobile banned

Is the PUBG account banned?

Some players have the error of having their pub number 36 banned for 3650 days. If you want to remove the Pub Mobile ban, continue reading below. Why ban your public account? Check out the possible reasons below.

The reasons behind the PUBG account ban

  • Using VPN Services / App
  • Third party app
  • Hacks or cheats
  • Friendly fire
  • Allied with enemies
  • Purchasing items using VPN strategies
  • Buying items from another country
  • Graphics enhancement applications
  • Controller Applications

Using VPN Services / App

If you use VPN Services to play the game or purchase any item item. There is a greater chance that your account may be suspended.

Third party app

If you use any third-party app that deals with the pub in a suspicious or suspicious manner, you are more likely to ban your account.

Hacks or cheats

If you use hacks / cheats like iMobot, sword-hack, jump hack, or magic bullets, you are definitely banned. PUBG is becoming tough on hackers and fraudsters. If you use hacks or cheats you can permanently delete your account.

Friendly fire

You will be banned accidentally or accidentally. If they report you for abuse or bad play, you may be banned from playing in the pub for several days.

Your ranking will fall.

Allied with enemies

One reason for banning your pub ng banners is the team with the opposing player. You don't have to team up with enemies or travel with enemies in the game. If someone reports public administrators, your account will be banned.

Purchasing items using VPN strategies

There are many strategies for buying items and towels from other countries, and you need a VPN to pretend you are from that country. This violates the terms and conditions of Tencent Policy. These may be one reason why the pub is banned.

Buying items from another country

As mentioned in the above issue, it is not fair to buy items from other countries that are not available in your country. You may get results like suspending your public account.

Graphics enhancement applications

If you use applications such as GFX tools and other graphics enhancer applications, your account is at risk. These applications interact with graphics and gaming processes that are dubious.

Controller Applications

There are so many apps on the market for playing Pubg with triggers or controllers that you need an app to install it. This is one of the reasons for getting your account banned.

How to remove the ban on PUBG?

If you want to remove the ban on Pubb Mobile or PubPC or PubPC Lite, here are some Public Mobile Prohibited Error Solution. If you don't know why your account is banned. Or you think your pub mobile has been banned for no reason.

Here are some ways to Remove your Pubg ban

A temporary ban, such as 2-3 days, will automatically take off, stay calm and wait.
If the deadline is longer, you should contact the support team.

How to remove the ban on PUBG?

Gamesir x1 Battledock Pubg mobile banned

How to prevent yourself from being banned?
If you want to prevent your account from getting banned, there are a few helpful things.

  • Play without external graphics enhancer
  • Do not use VPN
  • Buy items that are only available in your country.
  • Not abuse in the game.
  • Do not kill your colleague.
  • Don't use hacks.

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