Windows 10 can now access Linux files

Windows 10 can now access Linux files

On Wednesday (8), Microsoft announced that the 19603 build of Windows 10 would eventually include access to Linux partition files natively. The update package is only distributed to Windows Insider partners and will soon be made available to the public.

It is possible to access files from the Linux partition of your computer since Windows 1903, but the update process is much easier. To do so, update your system, and if your device has a Linux partition, the Linux Penguin Icon, Tux, and Quick Access column will appear in File Explorer.

Windows 10 can now access Linux files
Tux, the Linux penguin, can be found in the quick access column.

In this section, the user will be able to access the root folder of any installed Linux distribution, making it easy to use two operating systems on the same machine.

Since May last year, Microsoft has announced that it is investing heavily in Linux distribution. The big promise is to include the entire Linux kernel in Windows. Another part of this support is the availability of Linux distributions directly from Ubuntu, Fedora and Zeus from the Microsoft Store.

Other upcoming news stories are "What's New" (or "What's New") in the Windows Settings app. In this case, the source was found during the query of the update code, which may indicate that the introduction was a bit overdue.

All the news from the 19603 build is available on the Microsoft App Microsoft website.

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