Free Fire ‘Buy 1 Get 2 Free’ Event Details (July 10 - 16)

Free Fire received another version of its 'Buy 1 Get 2 Free' event. As the name implies, you have to buy 1 item in the game, and you get 2 items in the game. I personally feel that this event is the best time to pick up the pocket money you have saved. You can even get a 100% top-up bonus if you are a first-time user of Games Kharido.

Free Fire ‘Buy 1 Get 2 Free’ Event

The Fire Fire Gen 1 Fire 2 Get 2 event will be live on July 10-16, 2020. The best thing about the event is that you get 2 items by birth and also get items at 80% off. This means that you have to pay 20% off the original item, and you get all 3 items for that price.

When you enter the event lobby, you will see 4 items on the left and 8 items on the right side of the phone screen. You need to select 1 item from the left, it is available at 80% discount and after successful payment, you will get 2 random items from the right. Items you have already purchased or accepted will be removed from the gift pool in gray.

To get all 8 items, including Shadow Bandana on the right, you need to buy 4 items from the left. To purchase all 4 items, you need to spend a total of 536 diamonds.

Free Fire ‘Buy 1 Get 2 Free’ Event

Items to be bought includes:

  • Blue Phoenix Bundle – Discounted Price – 179 Diamonds [Original Price – 899 Diamonds]
  • Jota Character – Discounted Price – 99 Diamonds [Original Price – 499 Diamonds]
  • Star Light Super Car Skin – Discounted Price – 179 Diamonds [Original Price – 899 Diamonds]
  • LOL Emote – Discounted Price – 79 Diamonds [Original Price – 399 Diamonds]

Items available for free includes:

  • Shadow Bandana
  • Diamond Royale Voucher
  • Weapon Royale Voucher
  • Incubator voucher
  • Character Lvl. 4 Card
  • Cube Fragment
  • Resupply Map Playcard (3 Days)
  • Rampage II: Uprising Badge
Note: It looks like a nice deal at the cost of 536 diamonds. Get all items before the event ends on 16th July 2020.

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